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I have been traveling for more than 10 years! Believe me its great. In my views, there is nothing better and exciting than traveling. For sure, this blog is going to be a canvas of my mind. So, go around and check what I have to share!

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Well, your host on this blog Lynne is writing these lines with many things in mind. However, she does not have enough place and she knows her readers are not very interested in reading a huge “about me” section. So let me tell me introduce you guys with Lynne She is a mother, a web designer a keen photographer and last but not the least a die heart voyager.

She started traveling when she was in her teens and already had have visited more than two dozen countries, hundreds of cities and thousands of destinations.

Plans for 2018

Here comes my wish list for 2018. Actually, I have already done for the ongoing year and do not have enough resources right now to be very honest. Still, am going to blast next year. Following are the destinations in my plan for 2018. Anyone interested? Please contact and share your plans.


Its in India, but its like heaven and second to nothing... .


Amazing place with mystical characteristics & wonderful learning!


I am not into Chinese cuisines, still Beijing is something magical

"go out" explore & enjoy!

It brings excitation, learning, wonderful friends & amazing peace of mind!

Each year millions of people around from hundreds of countries leave the comfort of their homes to go out - sometimes with their loved ones, friends and sometimes like me, alone and independent. It is a multi-billion dollar industry and with the improvement in traveling facility, the magnitude is increasing as well. Following are a few benefits of traveling!


Induces Creativity

Self Confidence

Peace Of Mind

Better Health

Improves Communication

Stress Relief




Interested in learning about my plans? Please contact me and let us check whether we are on the same page or not! Do not hesitate even you are not willing to leave the comfort of your home. Let us communicate…

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