Popular Beach Destinations of India

Sprawling over an area of around 3, 287, 263 km land, India is blessed with great cultural heritage which truly reflects in the multiple cultures, historical monuments, languages and people. Apart from the cultural wealth, India has a long coastline of around 7517 km the coastlines of Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of [...]

Make Your Wedding Memorable at Beaches in Hawaii

Recognized for its remarkable natural beauty, picturesque beaches and charismatic marine surroundings, Hawaii is beautiful tourist destination. Offering a multitude of amiable wedding backgrounds, it makes the wonderful event of your life truly memorable. The place has everything ranging from luxury beach resorts to lush green gardens and thrilling waterfalls. In Hawaii, the scope of [...]

Relaxation on Turtle Bay Beach

To unwind you can relax on Turtle Bay Beach, then soak up the atmosphere as you swim in the beautiful blue lagoon.

More Than a Relaxing Beach Holiday

You have just successfully closed a major deal for your company. Or you simply have been working nonstop for the past few months and your work has paid off. Perhaps you feel a bit guilty after all staying long hours in the office, allowing only a little amount of time for your family. Now is the time to reward yourself by means of a vacation (personally, China is a great vacation destination). After all, a nice vacation can fully recharge you face the world again, making you feel stronger, better, and more determined.

Aside from enjoying China tours and seeing world-famous sites, a beach vacation would be a perfect getaway for you. Just imagine basking in the warm sun and lying on the powdery, white-sand. A mild, salty sea breeze gently caresses your body. As you close your eyes, you can hear the piercing songs of seagulls, the gentle crash of the waves to the shore, and the quiet murmur the palm trees swaying in the wind. Perhaps some resort personnel might bring you a complementary coconut or a refreshing piña colada.

But catching some rays on the lounge chair by the shore might be a little bit too inactive for you. You think that there must be something else you can do at the beach to make most of your time. Oh yes, there are a lot of activities that you can do there. Here are just some examples:

1. People watching
People of different ages, cultures, and races do different things. So sit back on your lounge chair and watch the world go by. Check out the jogger practicing for a marathon. Or perhaps observe those little kids make a sandcastle. Or that young couple walking hand in hand in shin-deep water. Or maybe that muscled surfer ready to launch himself to catch a wave.

2. Walking
Get up from your lounge chair and walk along the beach. Not only does walking provide you a good exercise, it also allows you to experience a change of scenery. It is best to walk on the sand barefoot because doing so gives your feet an extremely good and relaxing feeling. Walk alone and catch up with your thoughts, or walk together while sharing a few stories together with a fellow beachgoer.

3. Swim
The sea is beckoning you! Don your swim suit and plunge in. The salty, warm water is a great way to cool off after exercising or sunbathing. Just be sure you know your limits. If you’re not a swimmer, it’s best to stay in waist-deep water. Check too if the water is not too cold for you; different beaches in different regions have different water temperatures.

4. Watersports
Many resorts offer watersport facilities where you can cruise by the shore. Get on a surfboard, mount a jetski, or grab hold of the steering wheel of a speedboat and cruise the day away. From the shore, you can see a number of interesting things—stunning skylines, strange rock outcroppings, multitudes of sunbathers, and others.

5. Cruising
If the shore is particularly long, you can rent a car, bike, or motorcycle and travel along the road adjacent to the beach. See different views of the ocean, or visit restaurants, viewing platforms, and other resorts by the coast. In this way, you can cover more ground during your vacation.

6. Beach parties
Your beach holiday does not end when the sun sets. In fact, it’s just starting! Many beaches have resorts, restaurants, bars, and other places of entertainment that become alive when the first stars appear. Enjoy a pulsating night of music, dance, conversations, and drinks right beside the sea. You can even join teenagers who sometimes build bonfires on the beach to light up their party all night.

You deserve a beach holiday.